Splitboarding technique workshop with Ryan Nichol

Join Ryan Nichol at 11am Saturday for the Splitfest technique workshop. Register your interest beforehand so we have an idea of numbers and be sure you have your gear organised and ready to go by 11. If you don’t have your own gear then book demo gear for this time slot!

This workshop will cover:
Splitboarding gear - A brief run down for those new to splitboarding covering the required equipment for splitboarding and backcountry riding.

Splitboard Transitions – The basics on how to efficiently transition your splitboard from ride mode to tour mode and back again as well as how to deal with splitboard skins.

Touring Techniques – The basics on setting a skin track, using the heel risers and mastering the kick turn. We can also cover any other splitboard related topics for backcountry riding and touring that you may have.

See you at Splitfest!