Backcountry riders .. Backcountry writers

Calling all creatives .. are there any writers out there?

Thanks to Cactus we're doing it again so get your ideas together for the 2016 SplitFest Creative Writing Comp!

Interested? Here's a few extra details on what we're looking for:
- the topic is not about SplitFest, and doesn't have to involve Split Boarding. The theme is your take on the experience of 'going backcountry'.
- some possible angles might be inspiration or informative writing about what you believe is the essence of going backcountry, the story of an inspiring trip, people you've met, place you've been, moment you've had, or something philosophical to share.
- you may illustrate your article with photos (great!) but the quality of writing is the key.
- there's no general formula, your imagination is the only limit!

To enter:
- layout your entry using any choice of font, graphics, illustrations, etc to create the best impact and get your message across to the reader
- save as a pdf and email your entry to

Closing date is 26th September.

Privacy and copyright info:
By submitting an entry you are granting SplitFest full permission to utilise and reproduce your material. The winning (and possibly other) entries will be published on the SplitFest website.
ps. layout your article exactly the way you'd like to appear with this in mind and check for those typos!

... good luck and get those those creative thoughts flowing!