Photo Competition Rules

The 2017 Photography Awards are an incentive to get creative. Help tell the story of New Zealand's backcountry!

Please read the rules carefully before submitting your entries :)

Rules for all of the Photography Awards
or the One Minute Video Drop see the entry details here)

Submission format:
  • Images may be enhanced (eg in Photoshop) but cannot be distorted to a degree that, in the Judges' opinion detracts from the subject matter. Composites will be accepted (eg. action sequences overlaid onto the same frame).
  • Post your submissions as high resolution jpegs into the appropriate album on the SplitFest facebook page. Adventure & Expedition photo awards - post into the 2017 Backcountry Awards album. For the Best Festival Photo award - post into the 2017 Splitfest album. Feel welcome to post other festival photos too, even if you are not entering them into the comp.
    A direct link to the SplitFest  albums page is here
Hashtaggery -
This tag decides which award the shot will be entered for. You can only choose one of these!

Also add these tags:
and for festival photos

General criteria:
  • All of the photo awards are open to anyone registered for SplitFest (see online registration form here).
  • All closing dates are Sunday September 17 (one week after the festival). Winners will be contacted by email.
  • All photographic material must be shot in New Zealand since 1 January 2016.
Licensing and Copyright: 
In submitting an entry you are licensing SplitFest and the sponsor to utilise the material for promotional purposes if you win a prize. Copyright will remain will the photographer and SplitFest shall not be entitled to on-sell the image to other parties.
If there is commercial interest from third parties in any image (ie. for advertising other than SplitFest and associated activities) we will forward on that enquiry to the photographer.

Sharing your entries:
Feel welcome to share other pics or posts to the SplitFest facebook page too.

Below are the judging criteria (and any additional rules) for each of the awards.

Best Festival Photo  with Ranger Bindings 
  • Only photos taken at SplitFest 2017 are eligible. 
  • For the sake of clarity backcountry images ARE accepted (as well as images taken from with the ski area), but you must have toured from Temple Basin Ski Area to any backcountry locations you've been shooting at. This means that amazing photos from somewhere else (eg. Mt Rolleston!) taken over the comp period will not be accepted. Get yourself up to Temple Basin bright and early in the festival week and get shooting!
  • the image that best captures the spirit of SplitFest will win! Note that this means that artistic non-action shots could easily win .. get creative!
  • there is no limit to the number of images you can enter for this award.
Closing date: Sunday 17th September. As with previous years this gives you one week after the festival to make your selection and edits before submitting. 

Adventure Photography Award  with Cactus Outdoor
  • images that best capture the spirit of backcountry adventure.
  • there is a limit of 10 entries per photographer for this award. Choose you best ones when deciding on your hashtags.
Closing date: Sunday 17th September.  

Expedition Photography Award  with Smith Optics
  • images that best capture the spirit of expedition travel in the backcountry. 
  • there is a limit of 10 entries per photographer for this award. Choose you best ones when deciding on your hashtags.
Closing date: Sunday 17th September.

Join us for the Global Delights Slideshow on Friday night at SplitFest. 

A big thanks to all of the sponsors. Get shooting and good luck!