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- 1 day avalanche awareness course (Friday, Sept 8)
- 2 day skills training course (Sept 8 + 9)
- 1/2 day split boarding & ski touring workshops (Saturday, Sept 9)
- Join a Ski Tour (Sunday, Sept 10)
- general festival admission, prizes & contests, backcountry demo gear (all week)

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The Whitedot Endurance Race (or Whitedot Enduro) is a fun and challenging snow event run in a rogaine style. Competitors compete over 4 hrs to gather as many points as possible by travelling between checkpoints, the more challenging the more points, pretty simple. Points are also able to be deducted for late finishers after the 4hr race finish close off time.Whether you ski or snowboard or bootpack it the aim is to make it possible for all levels of ability and fitness to enter.

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This course is a perfect introduction to ski & snowboard mountaineering and backcountry travel. The programme is a condensed version of our popular 5 day ski mountaineering course with the emphasis on covering a broad range of skills important to sound decision making and safe travel. Topics include avalanche awareness theory and practice, route finding and risk management, weather & trip planning sessions, and mountaineering techniques for a range of different snow conditions. Suits people with some prior backcountry touring experience who are looking to upskill for bigger objectives. Book in for this course and stay a few more days to put in your training into practice. Timed for early in SplitFest programme so you can enjoy the rest of the festival too!

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