About Splitboarding

If you are not sure what splitboarding is all about?  read on!
Think about side country and back country access and how hard it is for snowboarders - boot packing through snow to get to the untracked snow whether its just above the top of the lifts or out of bounds (if you are well prepared with necessary back country safety skills, and aware of conditions, and carrying the right equipment ... ) Splitboarding will open up this terrain to you.

Its got similarities to a ski touring setup going up, with skins on the bottom and the snowboard literally split in half into two ski's, with the bindings mounted in a ski position on touring pivots. To go down your favorite run once you've got to the top of the climb, simply remove the skins, clip the board back together and slide the bindings onto the ride mode plastic "pucks" , then blast down the slope you've earnt. Modern Splitboarding gear rides pretty much like a standard solid board, there are few comprimises if any, and the gains are huge if you want to escape the crowds.

Check it out, if you google "splitboard" you will find tons of links, here is a starter for you to show the 2 modes the board works in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuiTKdFVttc and some great split boarding back country video.

Come up to Splitfest and find out more!