Avalanche awareness workshop

Splitfest Avalanche Awareness workshop
10.30am start, Friday September 6th

Workshop format:
The workshop is designed to be a hands-on taster of what you need to know for safe backcountry travel. For people new to the backcountry it will provide a comprehensive ‘heads up’ for awareness of backcountry hazards. For the more experienced it will be a chance to refresh your assessment skills. 
Please note that the course itself will be run within the ski area boundaries under the direction of ski patrol at all time. 

We will keep the material as practical as possible and (weather permitting) head out onto the mountain for most of the day. In the case of poor weather we may opt to do a little more indoors with the Temple Basin lecture room at our disposal. 

The general format will be workshop style sessions on  each of the topics below. If the weather is friendly we will do this in the context of a mini tour to put theory into practice as much as possible!

Our key avalanche awareness topics are:
-       Understanding the basics of avalanche formation and release
-       Identification of avalanche terrain
-       Basic route finding and decision making
-       Trip planning and preparation
-       Avalanche safety equipment
-       Avalanche transceiver training / small party self-rescue technique

Gear list:
Make sure you are self sufficient for backcountry touring.  This means:
-       Transceiver, probe and shovel
-       Day pack, with water, snacks, sunblock, sunnies, extra warm layer, repair kit, personal first aid kit etc.
-       Your chosen riding / sliding equipment and means to attach it securely to your pack.
-     Uphill touring gear (ie. skins or snowshoes and possibly crampons) is preferable but not absolutely essential. Ski poles / walking poles or an ice axe are recommended ie. if it is looking icy and you have an ice axe bring it along. A helmet is also recommended.
** if you have one bring your nutcracker for riding the lift. In general the group will make touring plans to suit all those present but please ensure you have prepared yourself as suitable for the snow and weather conditions on the day.

Temple Basin Goods Lift and lunch arrangements
The Goods Lift will operate on Friday morning at 9-11am. Load up your gear at or before 9am and walk on up to the lodges (the walk takes 1 hour). Grab a cup of tea and meet in the lecture room!

If you have booked accommodation at Temple for the Friday night you will have lunch provided on Friday. Lunch happens at 12noon in the Main lodge. The course will start at 10.30am with a transceiver training session, followed by lunch, and then we will head out on the mountain for the rest of the day. If you have not booked in for Friday night then bring a cut lunch with you!

Lastly, thanks again for enrolling in the course and we hope you enjoy SplitFest!. For any further enquiries please email splitfest@gmail.com.

See you at Temple Basin!