Splitfest Gearlist (suggested)

Here are a few ideas for packing your kit for Splitfest!
  • Overnight gear - sleeping bag, pj's, toothbrush/soap/shampoo, inside shoes for lodge, towel/flanel
  • Your usual snowboarding/splitting gear - plus first aid kit/transciever/probe/shovel if you have them
  • 25-30l (ish) daypack for on field
  • Warm clothing incl wet weather gear and decent walking boots if possible (its a bit of a walk up to the lodge), change of clothes, partying clothes! Extra thermals, beanie, spare gloves, spare warm socks.
  • Nutcracker and tow belt
  • Snacks and drink bottle
  • Cash in case you are thirsty saturday night
  • Some decent music on your ipod
  • Any medication you might need, you must be able to manage this yourself
  • all in a easy to manage bag so you can get it on the goods lift
* Most of your gear will be transported via the goods lift to the lodges up on the hill leaving you to travel 'light and fast' up the walking track. Beware that the track can be covered in snow and ice (which is not always obvious at the bottom) so make sure you have good footwear, gloves, hat and a jacket with you for the walk up.

* when you leave the mountain make sure you have your car keys on your person (not in your bag on the goods lift). You'll be happy not to make this rookie mistake when you get to the carpark!

If you're not sure just ask the fiendly staff.

For equipment enquiries contact Richard at Splitn2.com anytime!
Email sales@splitn2.com