Event Sponsors

Splitfest is run by a few passionate volunteer splitboarders.  The New Zealand Splifest has continued to grow after its inception by our founding father Shane Orchard in 2011.  Our event sponsors have been incredibly generous over the years and have given Splitfest heaps of spot prizes as well as prizes for the best line and creative writing.  Without their support, Splitfest would not be the same stoke fest!

Split n 2 have been providing exceptional service for splitborders in NZ for a decade and have been a part of our team at Splitfest since the beginning

Spark R and D have been making splitboarding possible for more than a decade and we are incredibly  grateful for their support and have been a part of our stoke fest.

Venture Snowboards have been making split boards since the the first splitboards hit the scean.  It's an honor to have them contribute a splitboard.

Stranda Snowboards are a carbon neutral company that uses quality  hardwood bases.   They have been contributing to our festival and we are so stoked to have them on board!

Earth Sea Sky has a proud history of designing and making outdoor equipment and clothing.

Using the best performance fabrics, garments are designed in-house for functionality, durability and style.

100% Made in New Zealand.

Twin Needle have been helping New Zealanders  lovingly repair their gear and now they make awesome packs and solid kit. 

NZ Shred  was the first snowboarding retailer in New Zealand and has been supporting NZ Snowboarding since the mid 80s!! We are proud to have such a legacy as a partner.

POWDA is a slick new snow goggles brand that blends style with functionality. They feature state of the art magna-tech lenses, and have all of the same features as your high-end brands, without the hefty price tag.